Reagents strives for continual improvement in reducing environmental impact and production of waste materials. We strive to reduce the generation of waste and the discharge of contaminants into the environment. Our goal is to produce, store, transport, use and dispose of chemicals in a manner that protects the environment as well as the health and safety of the work force and the public.

Legislative Compliance

Reagents complies with all relevant legislative requirements, including those regarding air and noise emissions at all of our manufacturing and distribution locations.

Minimizing Waste

It is the aim of Reagents to minimize the quantity of waste, including packaging materials, and to recycle whenever practical. Disposal of waste products that cannot be recycled is undertaken through a registered waste disposal company.

Sustainability Training

Reagents is committed to providing the necessary resources for training employees to ensure that we operate in a manner conducive with maintaining the environment and continue compliance with relevant legislation.